COVID-19 – Status of TJ-SP

COVID-19 – Status of TJ-SP


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the continuity of judicial activities, the National Council of Justice has ordered that all courts throughout the country, with the exception of the Federal Supreme Court and Electoral Justice Court, remain on call to rule on emergency measures. In addition, it was ordered that all procedural deadlines shall be postponed until April 30, 2020 (CNJ Resolution No. 313/2020).

The São Paulo Court of Justice has put into place a remote work regime for the period March 25th to April 30th and the postponement of procedural deadlines from March 13th to April 30th (Provision CSM No. 2549/2020 and Provision CSM No. 2550/2020). Thus, all activities of the Court of Justice will be carried out remotely by e-mail, as shall be disclosed by each court.

Urgent issues and needs arising in connection with urgent services, such as injunctions and other preliminary measures, will continue to be decided without interruption (Art. 4 of Provision CSM nº 2549/2020).

In the current health emergency, important decisions have already been taken in order to limit infection by COVID-19 and, at the same time, to avoid the adoption of overly drastic measures. In this regard, the Chief Justice of the São Paulo Court of Justice accepted a request of the São Paulo Attorney General to postpone judicial decisions that had forbidden travel by persons on São Paulo highways who are bound for coastal cities. See the decision here

Given current circumstances, it is essential that judicial activity continue in order to ensure that health measures enacted by the authorities in connection with the containment of COVID-19 are implemented and that such measures are subject to judicial review and control.

See the above-mentioned provisions:

CNJ Resolution No. 313/2020

Provision CSM No. 2549/2020

Provision CSM No. 2550/2020




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